The LHF has many bilingual resources available to educators, students, and researchers. They range from a DVD focussing on various aspects of residential schools to a full curriculum package consisting of six complete lesson plans with resources. The LHF specializes in creating curriculum on the history and legacies of the Residential School System. Our materials present the general history of the System in 100 Years of Loss, and also explore the specific experiences of Inuit and Métis students.

The LHF also has a full suite of workshop guides providing culturally-infused activities relating to aspects of the Residential School System. We provide in-service training to educators and facilitate workshops for schools and other organizations.

100 Years of Loss: the Residential School System in Canada

This bilingual program is designed to support educators and administrators in raising awareness and teaching about the history and legacy of residential schools – effectively providing practical tools that can be implemented in classrooms. These products come in response to demands from educators for complete in-class resources, and serve as an entry point to both the subject matter and to existing resources currently available at

While the LHF and its partners are engaged in efforts at the provincial/territorial level to facilitate the development of curriculum on the history and legacy of residential schools across Canada, these products serve the immediate needs of educators.

The Edu-Kit comprises a small-scale wall-mounted timeline, videos including Survivor testimonies, and a Teacher’s Guide with six customizable Lesson Plans (12-24 hrs of activities), teacher resources and extension activities. The Edu-kit is no longer available.

The Teacher’s Bundle is a more compact version of the Edu-kit and contains the same teacher’s guide and DVD and also includes a timeline in booklet format.

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The following information resources are available to download:

Hope and Healing

Forgotten: the Métis Experience of Residential Schools

Inuit and the Residential School System

Where are the Children

We Were So Far Away

100 Years of Loss Timeline


The following workshop manuals are available to download:

Forgotten: the Métis Experience of Residential Schools Workshop Guide

We Were so Far Away Workshop Guide


Visit the following websites:

To access Survivor Testimony:

Watch Our Stories…Our Strength

Watch Where are the Children?

Aboriginal Healing Foundation Research Publications:

With the completion of the Aboriginal Healing Foundation’s mandate in 2014, the LHF became the heir to the AHF’s extensive library of research and publications. A complete inventory of these resources can be found at


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